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Even in the information age today, getting your hands on current developments in many aspects of Nigerian law could be very daunting! Particularly on the Internet, it has become extremely difficult to be in touch with the current developments of the law in Nigeria.

Rather than watch foreign law dominate the Internet, we decided to do something about it. We needed a strong and vibrant avenue where we could make our contributions towards the development of Nigerian Law, particularly with the recent developments in other jurisdictions.

Together, a team of young Lawyers, we decided to start and manage a regularly updated blawg that would feature concise, rich, well-researched and resourceful articles on current developments in Nigerian Law today. 

Nigerian Law Today was born. With Nigerian Law Today, we hope to help improve on the availability and visibility of current Nigerian law online. We also hope that this medium would provide us a vibrant avenue to contribute our individual and collective knowledge on some of the areas that we have very keen interest in, particularly in the context of contemporary Nigerian law.

Currently, Nigerian Law Today covers Corporate Law, Debt Management Law, Information Technology Law, and Intellectual Property Law. Others are International LawLaw on Current Issues, and Political Economy.
Nigerian Law Today is a resource on current developments in Nigerian law, managed by a team of young and dynamic legal practitioners in Nigeria. You can like our Facebook page.
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